Did Robots Just Save My Mom?
Mar 17, 2017
2 minutes read

My mom is one of those militant vegans. She’ll admit to it so I’m not offending her. She re-watches ‘Forks Over Knives’ and ‘Cowspiracy’ weekly. With that knowledge she hosts presentations at the local library. Her end goal is to get more people to think about their choices. That’s admirable and I’m not downing her intent. It’s a rocky road as she learns, and I get to be right next to her the entire way.

Her lifestyle has consequences.

For one thing, it must be stressing to walk outside and get angry at the clouds. Chemtrails exist to her. Every sunset triggers the feeling that humans have destroyed themselves and the planet. We can’t watch nature shows because a lion killing a zebra is analogous to us eating animals. It can be a grim view of the world.

Today, there was a major break-thru.

I had been on about it for the better part of the morning … “every job is going to get replaced by AI and robots”. I’d go through the challenge of trying to guess how robots will take each profession.

My thoughts about the subject flagged some hidden reminder I had tucked away. I remembered something existed. Something about Reddit, robots, high video production, YouTube, etc. - I typed a few of those keywords into Google and boom, Humans Need Not Apply by CGPGrey. The short of it is about how humans are replacing the need for human labor using robots and AI. We’re talking all professions.

It’s an incredible video.

She was laser focused on the video for the full 15 minutes. At the end she told me she felt hope for humanity for the first time in many years. Both of us were a bit wide eyed hearing her say that.

It took me a second to realize how important that must have been for her. She had been bathing daily in how awful the world can be. Now she’s blind sided by a happy economic trend about robotics. Humans are creating robots that help people get out of the car when they have no energy from surgery. Waiter robots can identify diseases in food before they hand it to us. Robots will enter houses that are on fire, break down doors, and not think once about smoke inhalation. The list of robots taking jobs feels somewhat endless, and that’s a good thing.

I like this industry and where it’s going. Any industry that can give hope to someone so disgusted at humans is quite the industry.

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